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Grandpa Alexander Neibaur was our

founding father. He was the first, along

with his wife Ellen, of the Neibaur's to

come to America.

See Journal of Alexander Neibaur


 Alexander Neibaur was the son of Joseph Nathan Neubauer.

 Very little is known about Joseph Nathan.

We know that Alexander's last name was changed from Neubauer to Neibaur. 

It could have been changed for him by the migration officer who happened to be on duty that day, or Alexander

 himself could be responsible for it's being changed, no one knows.

As far as I am aware there are no other Neibaur's accept those who descend from Alexander.

Someone please write and correct me if I am wrong. I would love to hear from you.

Our quest is to figure out who Joseph Nathan's parent's were. Also to find descendants of Alexander's siblings.

We don't know if their names remained Neubauer. A web Site has been created  for the Neubauer surname 

Neubauer Family Web Site

 Hopefully some one will find us and say Hi Cuz.

For those who are descendants of Alexander  Neibaur

Alexander Neibaur Family Organization

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